Youth – FIRE

Youth – FIREUnMasked, realizes that abuse of all types MUST be stopped and as such is starting with the youth of the community by forming FIRE. FIRE, at this time is for high school youth, where they will learn to not only identify abuses in all forms, they will have the knowledge and resources to find help to prevent or stop it. They will also pursue their passions, via the help of mentors and local businesses, allowing them to become productive members of the community.

Member of FIRE will be reminded (or learn) proper manners, how respecting themselves leads to others respecting them and be offered a periodic forum to ask ANY question regarding the issues they face as young people growing up in today’s society. This forum is moderated by nurses, psychologists, FBI/police officers and the Board of Directors and is open to any high school youth.

The hope for FIRE is that community members will step forward and help mentor these youth not only in life but in their respective desired life pursuits while making lifelong friends and learning skills that will aid them throughout their lifetime.

Some of the current FIRE members are pursuing dance, music, sales and equestrian pursuits while still being productive members both at home and school while some members of FIRE are working hard at becoming better citizens both at home and in society. You will find that FIRE is comprised of honor students as well as those working hard to overcome their own issues and become productive citizens in the community.

If you have a high school age student that needs community services hours, is passionate about helping other youth or their community contact us so that we can let you know when the next meeting of FIRE is being held.